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Parents & guardians

Bedroom Portrait
Teenager Portrait

Are you worried because

  • Your child has stopped connecting with family or friends?

  • Your child has stopped doing what they used to enjoy, started doing things that you worry aren't good for them, or have stopped doing pretty much anything all together?

  • They're having a hard time engaging with school, work, or life?

  • They're sharing things that you don't know how to handle or 

        they're completely blocking you out?​

  • They're becoming distant or having a hard time handing stress?

  • They're blowing up and lashing out?

  • Your child is self-harming or has been having thoughts of suicide?

         * If anyone is having active plans for suicide call 911. 

Image by Scott Webb

How we can help. 

I understand that you want your child to be confident, feel good about themselves, and to be happy. Together we will better understand your parenting style and family values. We will work to improve communication, explore choices, and decision making, while unpacking worries and fears. We will build hope. 

I will use evidence driven psycho-education to give you the tools to get through this moment, rebuild your parent connection, support your child, support yourself, and be the parent you always wanted to be. 

Image by Scott Webb
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